Flying Vampires with 75 Squadron, 1969-1970

MY INTRODUCTION to flying in Vampires with 75 Squadron began when I was posted to Ohakea in April 1966 as an 18 year old Secretarial Officer. At that time 75 Squadron aircrew were located in the north western corner of No 2 Hangar at Ohakea and the Servicing Flight, together with all the Vampires, occupied No 1 Hangar. My first Vampire flight was on 16 June 1966 in Vampire T.11 NZ5711 with the Operational Flight’s Commander, Flt Lt Trevor (‘TT’) Bland. Trev flew a low-level navigation exercise (navex) before firing 2 inch rockets (aka Rocket Projectiles or RP) at Raumai range, which is out on the coast near to Ohakea. I was mightily impressed!

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